Tour in convoy aboard a vintage Fiat 500

Drive tour in vintage Fiat 500

Discover Rome and its sites by riding 90 min. in one of the most beautiful cars ever made: the Fiat 500! Jump in and enjoy amazing sights from the window seat of your colorful Fiat 500, you will be the true star! going to visit at Coliseums\Circus Maximus\Aventine Hill\Square Knights of Malta

Meeting point drop/off Our garage is centrally located in Via Ostilia 48,  at only 200 m. from the Coliseum
Duration: 1.5H\3H
 ask for photographer service!
Three Adult/ two Adult+two Child (Self-Drive)
Two Adult/ Two Adult+one Child (Driver guide)
 Casko and driver’s insurance at request (€15.00 extra to be paid at check-in), a deductible of €350/00 on
damages to the car
Drivers must be able to drive using a manual clutch, occasional driving experience with manual cars in not enough to handle our vintage cars; the Company reserves the right to refuse to let the car in case the driver is not sufficiently expert to drive a manual car and there will be no refund.


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