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The new Rossa is a Spider Coupe with a sporty yet elegant and refined interior. It differs from the other Ferrari cabriolets in its 2+2 configuration, The new multi-function steering wheel has the characteristic Manettino dial to vary the suspension setting and the engine response, a 3.9 V8 supercharged by two compressors with twin-scroll turbines, 600 hp, and 760 Nm, ensuring a real supercar performance.
There is also the Esc off mode, reserved for expert drivers who want to put themselves to the test, robotized gearbox with double clutch and 7 gears, very fast “0-100”, just 3.5 seconds and reaches 200 km/h in 10.8 seconds. Peak speed 320km/h.

Ready for the Ride of your LIFE?

-4 Passengers
-2 Luggages
-3  Doors


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