Arabian Pearl 90 for 33 people

Private and luxury yacht rental at a price for every pocket. We invite you to feel like sheikhs for one day and enjoy the views of Dubai from a different angle – along the clear water cruise you will pass by the famous Palm Island, the Ferris wheel (the largest in the world) and enjoy the most popular sites in magical Dubai by water. With Butterfly you can choose a yacht from the largest selection that can be offered – each of our yachts sails at any hour of the day (including night hours) and they have a team at your service (driver, waiters and bartenders) you can adjust the experience according to your comfort – From the amount of people (a couple on the smallest yacht and 500 people on the largest yacht) and also adjust the services included in the package – soft drinks, alcohol, buffet food / private chef, party option and more. How to order? Choose a type of yacht from the variety of yachts that “Butterfly” offers, mark a date, time and a representative on our behalf will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the reservation and continue adjusting to the experience you have chosen. Thank you for choosing to travel the world with us.

Butterfly’s experience includes:
Yacht rental of your choice
Soft drinks and alcohol
Meal – Chef or buffet
Customize the experience
Service of a “Butterfly” rep
Staff – driver, waiters and bartenders.
* Option – party package


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