One of the main attractions of Barcelona is the sport. Whether it is the football team, one of the most successful in recent decades, or the basketball team that makes a soldier in the local and Euroleague framework, Barcelona is a city of sports. The Art Tourism team recommends you the equal places to watch sporting events in the city. Do not miss.

Flaherty’s Irish Bar

For true sports enthusiasts. In this Irish pub you can find broadcasts of the Premier League games, the Second English League and of course the Spanish League games. In addition to the variety of beers and snacks, the staff will be happy to broadcast games for you at your request. A central and excellent location right next to the Ramblas makes the experience in this pub wonderful.

Placa Joaquim Xirau

Belushi’s Bar

Just near Plaça Catalunya, there is another Irish pub struggling for Barcelona sports fans. Apparently there is no professional sport that is not broadcast in this pub. Spanish League, English League, Champions League, NFL, NBA, Rugby and more. In the best tradition, the pub provides beers, snacks and even burgers alongside the viewing experience. If you have not been able to get a ticket to the big game, give a jump from a hotel and get a great sports experience.

C/Bergara 3


American sports patients? This American pub will meet all your sports needs. If NFL, NBA, NHL MLB broadcasts are not enough, this pub is also considered one of the best in Barcelona when it comes to Craft Beers. Of course the team does not ignore the local sport and the pub also broadcasts major games from the Spanish, English and Champions League. As befits the American character of the pub, customers are also characterized accordingly, so if you fancy an American sports experience in Europe, this pub is without a doubt the right place.

C/Arago 284


A pub controlled by locals and students. The place to be if you want to get a local experience combined with broadcasts of major sporting events. Beyond tasting the authentic experience of life in Barcelona, another advantage stems from the well-known law – locals pay less. Here you will find a variety of beers at reasonable prices and maybe even meet some international friends. 

C/Pallers 122

The George Payne

A sports experience almost like in a stadium. This Irish pub is filled to the brim with big games, mostly of Barcelona. In case you forgot to buy tickets in advance for the game at Camp Nou, you may be able to sing and drink with the local fans even without being in the stadium.

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