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We like to be practical, so let’s make life easy for you – what should you do in general? Choose a destination, choose the type of attraction that suits you and book! Sounds easy? Because it’s really easy, we’ve created the easiest platform to improve your vacation, a few clicks and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform in Seven languages ⇆
English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Hebrew

Contact options ⇆
WhatsApp +972512236101⁩

Services ⇆
Attractions of all kinds (including extreme), guided tours, rental of cars or yachts or helicopters, option for private driver, nightlife and day parties, special hotels and more. We’re here for fun.

Countries in the world ⇆
United Arab Emirates, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus (each country has several destinations, soon the list will expand).

Still have questions?
You know where to find us
(hint: second paragraph).



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Like a butterfly that lives twenty-four hours a day, we are here to take care of you around the clock (24/7) from sunlight attractions to the wee hours of the night, join to enjoy on our wondrous planet!

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